Wednesday, June 29, 2005

summertime is planning time...

"I am so Bored"
The mantra of summer.
Or at least for the kids. Mom, however is neck deep in planning for next year's school. I am nearly done. Just waiting on a few books and science stuff to come in so I can finish up and take a break myself. I really have accomplished alot. I am especially proud of the unit study I designed for Superboy. It is science based and called "Night Owls." It is an in-depth study of the forest at night, with readings, lots of labs and activities-very hands on. We will be doing the usual owl-pellet dissection, but also collecting moths with a white sheet and light, using a Tullgren funnel for litter critters, and pitfall traps for wandering critters. We will be doing experiments on cricket chirps and Roly-poly (potato bug) behavior. We will buil an owl box and experiment with playing recordings of their calls to attract them. We will be journaling and notebooking and taking photos. I think it is going to be so much fun! Last night my husband looked at the stuff I was putting together and commented how he wished he had gotten this kind of encouragement towards science and nature growing up. Made me feel good about what I am doing for the kids, because I know that I DID get that from my mom and I credit her for nurturing my love of nature. I find her doing the same for her grandchildren, as well, and I like the support it gives.
Thanks, Mom!


barb said...


Sign Josh and I up for your class lol. Sounds like so much fun! Great ideas. We attended an owl program a few years ago at the conservation area. The kids broke open a pellet and identified the bones in it and made an owl craft from a pinecone, felt pieces, and pipe cleaners. I still have them on our bookshelves :) Josh is now into finding the owls and identifying them out in nature. This spring we were lucky enough to see a mother long eared owl and her young. Very cool.

Theresa said...

Any pointers you or Josh can give me on how to spot owls would be greatly appreciated! We have only seen them briefly and by pure chance, but would love to be able to observe a little better.