Friday, October 21, 2005

Family classics...well, at least for us.

The previous post about Phantom of the Opera got me thinking. What are the movies that our entire family enjoys-youngest to oldest and everyone in between? Those movies that we watch over and over-that have become part of our family culture-that we spontaneously quote from without having to identify for each other the context. There are a few.
1. Phantom of the Opera-our latest fave. The music is continuously echoing through our brains.
2. Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?- "Care for some gopher?" So much quotable material here, a veritable treasure trove.
3. The Princess Bride. Hands down winner for most watched movie in our home for the past 10 years or so. Classic for witty banter.
4. Muppet Treasure Island. Can't help it-we LOVE it.
5. Wild America. The ultimate road trip. We all wish we could go along.

There are some more that come close, but these five are a step above for us.

Shrek (I and II), Spiderman(I and II), Seabiscuit, Mulan ( just beautiful), A Knights Tale (the one with Heath Ledger-totally cheesy, but we love the character of Geoffry Chaucer enough to rank it in the top ten), The Incredibles (non-stop action), classic I Love Lucy TV shows, and anything by Abbot and Costello (for pure goofiness they are still the kings).

So now you have a glimpse into our little home entertainment library. Does it look anything like yours?

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barb said...

Here's our top five: With all of these they know the movies almost line for line lol

1. All the Mighty Ducks movies (my whole family is ice hockey crazy since the boys played)

2. The Christmas Story - we watch it EVERY Christmas! "You'll shoot your eye out!"

3. Along the same lines every Christmas we also watch White Christmas and Holiday Inn - yes mom had some influence because she loves Bing Crosby in these but now they all can't wait for the season to start so we can watch these two and pop corn for the tree garland :)

4. Sandlot - even I know the lines to this movie. :) Such nostalgia. "Your killing me Smalls!"

5. Cool Runnings - Even though we know the end we STILL cheer them on and cry (well at least mom does) when they carry that sled across the finish line!