Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nifty electronics set

Here is something that works whenever I need Superboy to work completely independently (if I have bills to pay or chores to do, for example). I just open the box at let him go.

It is called Snap Circuits and it is wonderful! Remember those 300-in-1 electronics kits we had when we were kids? With the wires and the springs on the circuit boards? They always looked like so much fun, but never worked half as well as they looked.
Well, snap circuits is sort of the same idea, but it actually works! It comes with easy-to-understand directions for over 300 projects that are really cool (with noises, lights and buzzers)and teach about electronics. And the ingenious snap-together design makes them very easy to work with.
We got our set from Timberdoodle Company and it is a bit pricey (around 75 bucks, I believe) but it is SO worth it. Superboy can spend hours snapping these projects together completely by himself. All I have to do is come running when he calls "Mom, you've GOT to see this, it is SOOOOO COOOL!!!"

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barb said...

Josh received one of these kits from his grandparents last Christmas. They are so much fun I can be found "playing" with our own kit.