Wednesday, September 14, 2005

adopt a dragon

Continuing our dragon theme, today Superboy researched and wrote a report on Komodo dragons. We found some great websites and had alot of fun putting the report together for his binder. In addition to the report, he has pictures of Komodo dragons, a map of their range, a spreadsheet with data on the Komodo dragon, the imaginary European dragon, and Gargoyles, and he is working on a Venn diagram to compare the Komodo and European dragons. After all the research we came across this website where we could adopt a Komodo dragon!
Couldn't resist, so he will soon have an adoption certificate and info packet to add to his notebook!
I'll post pictures of the notebook once he gets these pages together.

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barb said...

Ohhhh Komodo dragons! We were spoiled when we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. We lived about 15 minutes from the Cincinnati Zoo which is one of the top 5 in the country. We usually went at least once a week and one of our favorite exhibits was the Komodo Dragon! Here's a link to it:

Superboy sounds like he is doing a fantastic job on his notebook. I can't wait to see the new pics because the first ones were great. So does your adopted Komodo have a name?