Thursday, September 08, 2005

passing the test...

Today was a test day.
Modgirl asked me, as she looked out the window, why Superboy was just standing there in the yard very still for a long time. I said I didn't know, but figured he was playing some make-believe game, as usual. I opened the door to ask him to fetch the mail when he signalled me to halt, and I noticed the look of fear and concentration in his eyes. Puzzled, I watched as he ever-so-slowly backed up along the driveway. Only as he got further away did the tears roll and he pointed out to me the 4 foot Eastern Diamondback rattler he had been standing next to!
After I got Superboy back into the house, locked up the dogs, and we got over our initial shock (with much running about and exclaiming) I thought about what had happened. Due to all of Superboy's reading, scout training, and mine and his father's teachings, he had done exactly the right thing. Textbook perfect. I am so proud of him and his ability to keep cool and apply all that he has learned when it really counted.
I guess I can say he aced that test!


barb said...

Oh my goodness Theresa,

Superboy was WAY more level headed than I would have been. Much admiration here from this adult mom :) I am so glad he is safe. Maybe he could give me a few lessons.

Theresa said...

Thanks, Barb. He was way more level-headed than I would have been, too!