Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Flash of insight

I was thinking about my laziness factor and how we always get math, Lang arts, and spelling done because we do it first, then we tend to kinda peter out in the afternoon and half the time forget about writing and lots of time forget about science just because I am busy and I let Superboy get away with it. Here is what I thought of...
WHAT IF we did science and writing first thing? we would be sure to get them done and then as we get lazier in the afternoon and have our tendencies to not do stuff, we have math and Lang arts. I would be much less likely to just blow those off (esp math) and plus Superboy works much more independantly in those subjects. It makes sense to do the more mom-intensive subjects in the morning when I am more able to be intense... it just might work! So what do you think? Should I risk it?

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AK scene trapper said...

Why not do it the new way 3 days a week, and the old way twice a week. I realize routine is important, but this way he also gets a little viarity.