Sunday, May 22, 2005

Friday is homeschool group day

This group has been such a blessing. I am very pleased so far at how the group is going. The kids are ecstatic, which is priority #1. But I am happy, too. It is nice to sit and chat with a group of women knowing that even though we may not agree on some things, we agree on alot. I was a little nervous because we ended up having a discussion about evolution. Anyone who homeschools knows that this is one HOT topic. It is a discussion I dread because it can make or break a group for me. Well...we did not all agree. We found we had evolutionists, creationists, young-earthers, old-earthers, and undecideds. Recipe for disaster, right there. But the nice thing was we didn't really care. That's what's great about being Catholic! As long as we believe God did it (creation, that is) it doesn't matter what we believe about when or how He did it! And since everyone in our group is well-informed about church teachings, we all knew it was OK for us to agree to disagree. How refreshing!
Another thing about homeschool group. I started feeling a little bit guilty about blowing off schoolwork for an entire day every week for group. But then I realized that if Superboy were in public school, he would over the course of a week spend at least a day's worth in wasted or free time. He'd be doing things like waiting in line, waiting for the class to get quiet, waiting for teacher to answer a question (his or someone else's), going to and from art and PE and music and library, cleaning up, having recess. So-NO MORE GUILT. This is something Superboy and JBug need and enjoy. Not to mention it gives mom a much needed break and a little adult conversation to preserve mental health. So, why shouldn't we spend a day on it?

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