Wednesday, May 18, 2005

not going as planned

So today is not going as planned at all. I am feeling like a truck ran me over so I decided to hold off on the schedule change and let Superboy do his math, Lang arts, etc first since he is more independant with those. Mainly cause i desperately need a shower... Anyway, unfortunately today is a major "off day." He is majorly spacing and it took him close to an hour to do his Lang arts (should be 15 mins tops) and is now working at the same breathtaking pace in math. Less than 1 page done and it is 12:30. Ugh! We will be lucky to get anything else done today. well, that's what is so nice about homeschooling. We can cut our losses, take a break, get some exercise and some lunch, and try again later this afternoon.


AK scene trapper said...

Sounds as if plan B is the plan to do today. So what if he spaces out on occasion...ok daily. He IS learning, he IS doing great. So an off day, days, or even a week should not be a problem, as long as overall ou are on track, or rather, Super S is on track.

Theresa said...

Of course you are right. Overall he is doing great.Thanks for reminding me not to sweat the small stuff.

barb said...

Boy we ALL have these days don't we. Even moms :) You were so smart to just "let it all go". As they say "tomorrow is another day."