Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Adventure Continues...

Here is the Captain's account of his next battle:
(for those who have not been following along and would like to start at the beginning, go to weds, jan 18)
5th of May,
We are now in Barbados. Me crew and I sailed from Dragon Bay in search of a merchant ship to plunder. Crewman Josh Wright spotted a sail out of St. Georges and we saw that the vessel was a Spanish Galleon, loaded down heavy. We thought it might be gold so I told powder keg to make for the ship. We raised a Spanish flag until we were within firing range, then we surprised them by raising the Jolly Roger. They put up a very tough fight and blew one large hole in our mainsail. Our Bowsprit was nearly snapped in half. We took out their cannons and I ordered the chain- shot loaded. Once the masts were down we boarded her, saw the crew to Davy Jones and searched her hold. We were mad as the devil hisself when we didn’t find gold, but glad were we to find a cargo hold full of valuable spices. They also had weapons, the best of which was a fine Blunderbuss which I presented to Josh Wright as his reward for his sharp eye. We loaded the guns and spices up onto the Cutlass, backed off and blew the boat to pieces. We then took off for Barbados where we could sell the spices. We got a good price for the spices and we bought lots of fruit and meat, plenty of ammunition and powder, and kegs and kegs of rum. We also were able to pay a sail maker and carpenter to fix the Cutlass. When the Carpenter heard I was a pirate he demanded twice his agreed price, so I slit his throat. I won’t be hornswaggled by a landlubber! Now we are ready to hunt down Blackbeard’s treasure.

More tomorrow.


barb said...

Oh my goodness,

Josh feels immortalized. I think Superboy has made his day, if not his life lol, by making him a part of the pirate crew. This morning as he read the new post he pumped his arms and yelled, "Yeah, I'm in the crew now".

Theresa said...

That just makes MY day! Superboy had hoped he would like it!
We will have to wait a couple of days for the next installment as the Captain has been busy today studying his map and plotting his course.

Anonymous said...

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