Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Scurvy Dog Tells a Tale

Here be the latest from the Cap'n:

15th of April,
Yesterday we had a bit of rest. As we sat about the bonfire I told the men of me days with Blackbeard.
I was serving as his quartermaster on the ship Queen Anne’s Revenge when she ran aground in Beaufort Harbor. I felt like the luckiest man alive when he chose me amongst the best of his crew to continue with him. I felt bad for those poor devils that he marooned, but was glad not to be amongst them. We sailed on for six more glorious months when the terrible day arrived. Maynard attacked with his two Naval sloops and Blackbeard fell, but only after taking 5 musket balls and more than twenty cutlass wounds. That no-good, rotten, low-down black devil, may-he-be-cursed, scoundrel Maynard had my Captains head removed and mounted to his bowsprit. I never saw such a horrible sight. Most of the men were killed and I was wounded. I was fighting three soldiers with only me cutlass to save me, when I killed two of them, but the last one cut me leg and I go tumbling down into the drink. I thought I was a dead man, but somehow I managed to grab hold of a plank of driftwood, which carried m to the shore of Ocracoke. I waited there until nightfall and cursed my fate until I remembered the map. Before he died, Blackbeard had entrusted me with the only copy of a map which showed where he had buried his treasure. Was the map still hidden in me boot? Yes! I vowed to make way somehow to Grenada, gather some men, and begin the hunt for Blackbeard’s Gold.
After me story the men were more eager than ever to join in the hunt, and pledged their undying loyalty to me. I thinks to meself that I can trust these men. But can they trust me? Only the devil knows for sure.

More to come...


barb said...


Tell Captain Scurvy Dog that this diary just keeps getting better and better! :)

Josh and I are really enjoying it.

Theresa said...

Thanks. I think this is some of the most fun we've had, and some of Superboy's best writing. I'm very proud of him. It means alot to him that you guys are reading along. It really inspires him to do his best. So, thanks ALOT for reading.