Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Christmas notebook

I will try to post some pics of Superboy's Christmas notebook. Since we are on dial-up it takes forever, so I may only do a few at a time. Here goes...

This picture shows on the left our story wheel for Gingerbread Baby. You can see the pie-shaped cut-out through which the story scenes are viewed as the wheel turns. All graphics are photocopied from the book.On the right is a mini book with directions for making a gingerbread house. The top Graphic is from the Jan Brett Website, where you can decorate your own gingerbread house.

Here you can see the mini book open showing on one side the direction from the gingerbread house kit, and on the other side is Superboy illustrating the step. About 8 pages in the book with the last page being the final product.

These two pictures are graphics we put together comparing the north and south poles. Superboy watched an Eyewitness video and took notes. From the notes he listed 8-10 facts for each pole, typed them up and glued them to the back of the "ornaments". The right hand picture shows the flaps lifted and you can see the facts on the backs, along with some maps.

This unit was just alot of fun, and there is alot more to the notebook, but loading these 4 pictures took about a half hour, so I will add more over the next few days.


barb said...


The notebook is absolutely WONDERFUL. Superboy is so creative! I really liked your North and South pole comparisons and the gingerbread notebook with pics was so cool. We got a gingerbread house kit to do and never got around to it during the holidays. It was a litte more than chaotic around here as Josh's older brother had 2 seizures within 2 weeks during that time. I am thinking we may do the house next week or so to try and pretend here in the desert that we ARE in the winter season. It has been so warm it doesn't feel like it at all. Even the paper snowflakes on our front window aren't helping too much lol. Looking forward to the other pics.

Theresa said...

To be perfectly honest, although Superboy does all of the research and writing,artwork, etc himself, we notebook together. It is a way for us to connect further over what he is learning by collaborating on the best way to display it in the notebook. We work together on the final product, enjoying a chance to reflect on his work. And he appreciates that I value his work enough to spend the time working with him to put it together. So although Superboy IS very creative, I don't want anyone to think he does this all on his own.