Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Articles of Conduct

The Captain wanted me to share his Articles of Conduct. All who serve under his command must sign on.

Articles of Conduct
For Those Sailing Under the Command of
Captain Scurvy Dog

Article no. 1
If a man strikes another he be flogged. If a man kills another he will be wrapped in chains then made to walk the plank.
Article no. 2
If a man steals from one another then he shall be marooned or shot
Article no. 3
If one man dares to steal from the Captain he will be shot in the head
Article no. 4
If a man loses a joint he will get 500 extra pieces of eight and if he loses a limb he be rewarded 1000 pieces of eight
Article no. 5
There will be no gambling, smoking. Drinking will only be allowed if we win a battle or while on shore.
Article no. 6
Every man gets an equal share of gold. The Captain and the quartermaster will get twice as much as the men.
Article no. 7
Keep ye powder dry, your guns clean, and your cutlass sharp or ye be marooned.
Article no. 8
Any man to run away from an engagement will be shot.
Article no. 9
The first man to spot a sail will be rewarded the best pistol or small arm upon her.

Until next time...Keep to the code.

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