Saturday, January 21, 2006

Journal of Captain Scurvy Dog

Here are some excerpts from Superboy's (AKA Captain Scurvy Dog) log of our pirate adventures. More to come.

In the Year of Our Lord 1718:

7th day of April,
I am in St Georges, Grenada looking for a crew. I went to the local tavern and met up with my old friends, Powderkeg, and Black-Haired Jenny. They are to serve as my quartermaster and first mate as soon as I find a boat for the taking. The rest of the crew we hope to find in the tavern and around town within three days. I have spotted a sloop called the North Star that I would rather much like to steal. It is a small boat, but looks dependable and seaworthy. Best of all it should be easy to take because all the crew are drunks, even the captain. My plan is for myself and my crew to board the ship at midnight on the 10th while most of the crew are sleeping drunk at the Inn, and overpower the guards, take the boat and head for Dragon Bay.

8th Day of April,
I have found some of my crew I got Spicy Bart: one heck of a cook. I also got Aimer: the gunner. I got Patchy: the surgeon. Jim, John, Jake, and Joe: all brothers and all musicians along with some scallywags who offer to serve as crew. I still am in search of a good carpenter, and a dependable bos’n, along with some more crew.

9th Day of April,
Today was my lucky day to come across peg leg mike: the finest carpenter in the town, and Lucky, who used to be in the royal navy but he be retired. I think he will make a great bos’n and his son needed a job so he got powder monkey, and I also got some more crew.

11th day of April,
The raid was a success. We easily boarded the sloop but we were wrong about the number of guards. The whole crew was on board getting ready for their departure the next day. My crew was scared, but still fought bravely and we were able to defeat them with no losses to my crew. Luck was with us as we found some gold hidden in the captain’s quarters. We are now in Dragon bay where we will stay for awhile, outfitting the ship and preparing for our first ship raid. I have renamed the sloop, The Cutlass.

Next week the adventure continues...


Alice said...

This is beyond brilliant--so gripping and well done! Bravo!

Theresa said...

Wow! Thanks! We are having a great time with it.

Trapper Creek said...

Great posting, can't wait to read more.
Watch out for the Bermuda Triangle!

JoAnna said...

I love this! My 3yo is *SO* into pirates right now. (It all started with the Backyardigans episode.) He got the Playmobil Blackbeard's pirate ship for Christmas (the Target version). I'll have to show him some of these resources. Glad to meet another NC 4reallearning lady! :-)

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