Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The map

Latest update:
My new blog is: Lapaz Farm Home Learning

Ok, This may be my last post to this blog because I am getting very tired of all the technical difficulties I have been having lately. Pages not loading properly, inability to post pictures. Toolbars missing. What a pain.

Update:I have been trying for 3 days to post a picture of the treasure map and have not been able to. Therefore I will now officially move my blog to homeschoolblogger.
here is the new blog address:


see...I can't even make this into a link because the toolbar is missing!
Anyway, at the new blog I am going to post the map and re-post Scurvy Dog's Journal from beginning to end (so far), plus our other Piratey stuff (Articles of conduct and scurvy report).


barb said...

Oh no! Sorry you are having so many problems. We appreciate the posts so much. Is it your computer or blogspot.com? I switched over to homeschool blogger because of the problems with blogspot, ie taking forever to upload etc.

Hope to see you somewhere on the net. We would miss you too much if you left for good!

Theresa said...

I enjoy the blog too much to give it up. I will most likely move it over to homeschoolblogger as well, because I also have a blog there that I have never used. When I saw yours it reminded me that I had it. I will post my new addy when I make the move.

barb said...


Did you know you can just copy and paste any post, even those with pictures and hyper links, from your blogspot blog over to homeschool blogger? I did this with a few when I first started on the new blog.

Theresa said...

I didn't know that! Thanks!

Alice said...

Say it isn't so! You can't just get me hooked and then cut me off! : ) : ) : )

meredith said...

Theresa, typepad is Wonderful, not free, but a mere pitence for so much good writing, try the free 30 day trial, you can always paste over to hsblogger later, just a thought, don't leave us hanging, matey!! Good luck!