Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What's going on here?

What's going on here? Where are my lesson plans? The workbooks? The spelling lists and writing prompts? The "activity sheets"?
Where did our school go?
And where did all this writing come from? Just gobs of it,and well-written, creative, too! I didn't hear the complaining that is supposed to accompany any writing task-I must have missed it somehow.
And why is he reading so much? I didn't require that book. Surely he didn't just decide to read it on his own?
And what is up with math these days? How come he doesn't roll his eyes and dawdle and sigh? Why did he do that extra lesson today and say "This math is fun!" even though I know he had to really think hard to figure out a couple of those questions. Does he have a fever?
Something seems suspicious.
School isn't supposed to spill over into his free time. Why is he making up games to go along with his history studies? He is even involving his sister in those games, and is she enjoying it, too? Doesn't he know when he's done for the day? Where did all this enthusiasm come from?
How could he possibly be learning?
Where did our school go?
I don't know, but I hope it stays there. We are much happier here without it!

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WJFR said...

Neat, Theresa. It sounds like it's working! : )