Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Set Sails and Make Way!

We have begun our Pirates unit! What fun we are having! Superboy is now Cap'n Scurvy Dog and his first mate Jbug is Black-Haired Jenny. I am the Quartermaster, Powderkeg.
We are setting sail in the year 1719 aboard the pirate ship "Hangman's Noose" for a raid around the Caribbean. Our secret home Port is Dragon Bay, Grenada. We wont tell you where we've decided to bury our loot!
Here is a picture of Cap'n Scurvy Dog copying over a map of the Caribbean onto parchment paper using an old-fashioned glass pen and ink. Yesterday we practiced our piratey skills by throwing a weighted rope out Scurvy Dog's window to measure depth in fathoms. Next we will be learning the bowline and sheetbend knots!

This promises to be an exciting voyage! Ahoy!


barb said...


Your unit sounds so much fun! I love each of your "names" and think your ideas in the previous post should keep you more than busy lol.

Josh and I just got back from a three day Audubon birding trip to San Diego so will be leaping into a few things hopefully next week.We went down to the harbor when we were there and got to see the Star of India, a three mast ship, along with the mast ship used in The Master and Commander. Very cool!

Josh was excited to see previews for the new movie coming out, Pirates of the Caribbean II Dead Man's Chest.

He has shown an interest at times in the story of the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman. There's an explanation of it at this site :

This site lists the children's fiction books by Brian Jacques, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and Angel's Command. Jacques is the author of the Redwall books. We haven't read either of these but love his Redwall series.

There is also the famous Davey Jones. Here is a site for that. Make sure to check it out though because I didn't really preview closely:

Can't wait to hear more about your "adventures" :)

Theresa said...

Thanks so much for the links and ideas. They sound great! I had forgotten about the Brian Jaques books!Superboy and I LOVE Redwall so will definitely check out the Flying dutchman series. We are also anxiously awaiting POCII-can't come soon enough for us!