Monday, January 23, 2006

Scurvy Dog's Journal, cont.

Here is the next entry:

12th day of April,
After outfitting The Cutlass with what provisions the gold could gain us, we decided we be needing more cannons. Ten is not enough for my tastes. My crew and I have been planning the attack on another sloop that we saw off the coast of Grenada near Victoria. We set sail tonight.

13th of April,
It was a night black as the powder in me gun. That was a good thing because they never saw us comin’. We blew them poor devils out of the water before they knew what had hit ‘em. We had aimed our cannons at their mast and knocked it down, and blew their rudder to bits. They were then dead in the water and we overtook them easily. Away went the ropes and grapplin’ hooks as we boarded the doomed vessel. They put up a tough fight and Spicy Bart took a musket ball in the leg, but my crew managed to send them devils to Davy Jones Locker. All but a few who wished to join our crew of cutthroats. Wise decision on their part, I tell ye. After removing the ships cannons and moving them aboard The Cutlass, we searched the ship for any booty we could find. Lucky us- we found live chickens and a suckling pig, plus many kegs of most excellent rum. The crew rejoiced to that. We also happened upon some fine jewelry that the quartermaster had stowed. Looks like they must have been doing some pirating theirselves, the scallywags! Then it was back to Dragon Bay for a well-earned rest. Patchy the surgeon attended to Spicy Bart and tells me he will be fine once the musket ball is out. I thinks to meself, “There goes a good bit of rum wasted to ease his pain, curse him.”

The adventure continues tomorrow...


barb said...


Please tell Captain Scurvy Dog that Josh and I are enjoying his "diary log" IMMENSELY! Great bit of writing. Well done, Captain! We can't wait to hear more of the adventures. Josh has been giggling all morning remembering parts of what Captain Scurvy Dog wrote :)

Trapper Creek said...

Very Good writing Captain! A very entertaining account. I can't wait to read what happens next.

Theresa said...

The Captain says "Thank ye for the kind words and ye are welcome to join our crew if ye are ever in Grenada."